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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 11a  NBC  April 21, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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right now at 11:00 a.m. power remains out in part of one local neighborhood after an underground explosion. officials are still trying to determine the cause. good morning. happening right now electrical crews and contractors are trying to restore services to several businesses after an underground explosion rocked that area last night. how long until the power is back on there?
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the imagery unforgettable. this morning as crews worked to determine the cause, witnesses return and reflected on last night's explosion. >> just exploded. people were screaming and smoke and the fire department was here and they told everyone to get out. >> reporter: marty mullin said customers started smelling smoke around 8:00 a.m. an underground fire beneath the building at 134 north wayne
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avenue sparked an explosion. >> we shut down. as we were walking out, it was a real basicexplosion. windows came flying in. tables and chairs went flying. lights came off the wall. >> it was a very loud explosion. it rocked everything. >> including the restaurant? >> oh definitely. >> reporter: no one was seriously injured but two dozen residential and commercial customers are without service. she owns a nail salon. >> we have employees who have been there since we opened. they'll need a job. i need to get up and running as soon as i can. >> reporter: they estimate their repairs will take day. the fire and explosion damaged circuitry inside this property. >> it was extensive damage inside the building where the power comes in. it will probably take us a few days get that corrected. >> reporter: back live here in radner, even before they do
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that, they have to stop coming out of manhole that's dissipated in the past few minutes as crews have stopped reenergizing the line. that seems to have slowed the smoke flow. i'm told that will mean there's more outages ageoutages. they had to stop repair work. you noticed the power is out, that's the reason. once they get that restored then we'll be able to get underground and see how many damage has been done and how long it will take to replace it and then the business owners can start working inside. this could last through the rest of the week stretching up into the weekend. we'll have an update if something goes boom here again. renee. now to our weather. the overnight rain caused flooding in some parts of philadelphia.
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earlier this morning two out of the three lanes were blocked by high water near the ben franklin bridge. flooding also blocked the entrance to i-95 north. the rain is gone. windy weather has moved in to help dry things out. it's not going to stay dry for the rest of the week. pretty shot there. glen is here with our forecast. >> it's a whole different type of forecast than what we were talking about yesterday. we got sunshine across the entire area now. great visibility totally unlike yesterday and totally unlike a few hours ago. the last of the showers move through and we have dry weather that is in the region. we've had some reports of close to 3" of rain. parts of chester had 27.5.5. we had reports of close to 2" in
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delaware as well. it's in the upper 50s north and west to the low 60s in philadelphia. we do have some gusty winds. it's been gusting up over 30 miles an hour at times. we expect the wind to continue but the temperature not to rise a whole lot during the afternoon. it should stay in the 60s. that's right around average for this time of year. we do have colder air on the way. we also have another round of showers and maybe some thunderstorms. the timing on that with the seven day if just a few minutes. right now fire officials are investigating possible lightning strike caused a small fire inside our lady of hope school. kids had to be evacuated and moved to a nearby church. no one was hurt. the damage was contained to the outside of one building. sky 4 was over a two-car crash early this morning. the intersection briefly shut down. we're working to find out about the injuries of the people
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involved in this accident. new video of the suspects wanted in a philadelphia bar shooting. the video shows the man inside the zunda bar last friday. a woman working there told police she heard a gunshot inside after ducking behind the bar. she said she looked up and saw man armed with a gun walk out the bar. the gunman fired off several more rounds before running away. this is the surveillance video detectives in philadelphia are hoping will lead them to the suspect wanted for robbing a man friday night. investigators say the man approached the suspect with the gun drawn and demanded his belongings. both men took off in a white suv. police are investigating a shooting in south philadelphia. the victim was shot in the shoulder on jackson street. he was taken to presbyterian hospital. he's in stable condition. no word on a suspect or motive in this case. later today a philadelphia
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mother accused of abandoning her disabled son in the woods will appear in court this maryland. she's scheduled for an extradition extradition hearing to return to philadelphia. parlor left her the 2 1-year-old son in the woods in cobbs creek park. her son has cerebal palsy and cannot communicate. they plan to charge her with attempted murder. today vice president joe biden makes his second visit to philadelphia. the nation's number two will tour picco headquarters. after the tour they will discuss ways to invest in the nation's energy infrastructure. biden's visit comes as the obama administration gets ready to kick off earth day activities across the country. president obama senior advisor will join philadelphia mayor michael nutter for a
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conversation at city hall. empowering working families across america tour. she's expected to highlight a sick leave law passed by city council earlier this year. the obama administration wants congress to give every worker in mark access to paid sick time. >> you don't want to have young people coming into the workplace and employees not well. just think about it. if that restaurant doesn't provide paid sick leave for their workers, do you want to eat somewhere where your food is being prepared or served by people who are not feeling well? no of course not. >> 43 million americans don't have a single day of paid sick time. this morning all seven candidates in the race for philadelphia mayor gathered to discuss housing in the city. rose mary moderated the forum. they were questioned about their thoughts
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thoughts on neighborhood development, the need for affordable housing reform. there are six democrats in the race for mayor. the democratic primary is four weeks away. the one republican in the race is melissa bailey. general election is november 3rd. just in to our news room pennsylvania regulators are replacing some of the oldest gas lines faster. they began looking into the state's riskiest gas mains when philadelphia residents smelled gas in the street. our investigating reporter continues his coverage. regulators have told us that philadelphia has 1500 miles of the riskiest gas mains in the state. the pennsylvania utilities commission issued a 39-page93-page report suggesting how philadelphia could shave years
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off of its plan. it dould take as long as 88 years. there's seven recommendations including cash management consolidating facilityies and issuing new debt. these all involve ways that pgwe can pay freeing up money. they have been replacing pipes faster than the plan but not fast enough for regulators. a significant portion of pgw system include high risk pipe that poses a potential threat to life and property. pgw is the largest publicly municipally owned in the country. some of these recommendations could need city council approval. >> all right. thank you. we reached out to pgw for statement. right now we're waiting for a response. another community demanding answers from police. >> hands up don't shoot. >> marchers take to the streets
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of one city after a man dies in police custody. see why so many questions are still lingering in this case. come on. come on. >> a rescue caught on camera. see how one man was saved from the flames. another round of showers on the way and get ready for some chilly weather ahead. i'll have it all in my seven-day forecast, coming up.
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two minnesota men suspected of trying to join isis appeared before a federal judge in california. the pair was arrested over the weekend after driving from minneapolis where authorities say they were trying to get fake passports. they were part of a grown up of six men recruited through social media. the other four appeared in federal court in minnesota. don't shoot, hands up. >> hands up. >> in maryland, protest rsers marched down the streets demanding answers from the city's police force. they are anger and frustrated over the death of man who died sunday. the arrest was caught on cell phone video. it's still unclear why she was e he was stopped in the first place. six police officers have been suspended and the commissioner ordered an immediate review of police policies. california man who admitted he jumped over the white house fence zund must wearmust wear an ankle
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monitor. he appeared in court yesterday and pleaded not guilty to an unlawful entry charge. he says he meant no harm and will never do it again. he's due wac before a judge next month. a correctional officer suffered injuries. the prison was placed on lockdown as the swat team and police helicopter searched for the gunmen. two police officers in texas are being praised as heroes for pulling an unconscious man out of car. >> come on man. >> come on dude. >> the aufrtsofficers in mesquite were called to respond to a single vehicle crash. they found the driver unconscious, his clothes on fire. you hear them telling him to stay with them as they pulled
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him to safety. the driver is in critical condition. overseas queen elizabeth is celebrating her 89th birthday. london residents are hoping the baby will be born today on the queen's birthday. >> reporter: it's quite a business was a it's queen elizabeth's 89th birthday. she's not spending the day here at buckingham palace. her three sons are coming to spend part of the day with her to celebrate. what an amazing birthday present it would be if her fifth great grand children brother or sister for prince charles was born today on her birthday. i really believe that kate and william don't know the sex of the baby. it's very british to not want to find out first. kate being seen in a blue coat or pink coat probably meaningless. the favorite is that it's going
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to be a girl. her name will be alice. still early here in london. plenty of time for this fairy tale of the new prince or princess being born on the queen's birth day. back to you. a train in japan set a new world record when it sped down the tracks at 375 miles an hour. the magnetically lev at a timed train was being tested on an experimental track. passengers won't be riding any time soon. it's not said to begin passenger service until 2027. some people will setting for 35 miles an hour around here depending on the way the tracks are going. we have drying winds coming out today. you can see the wind. you can feel the dryness in the air. what a change and the showers
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will be returning on wednesday. nothing like what we saw last night. a chilly windy stretch. not just today for the winds. i think it's going to be windy all week. well, we have the flags flowing. not too strong. other places it is and we have mostly sunny skies. 62 degrees. the wind 20. gusting to 32 miles an hour. that's the kind of wind i'm talking about. the relative humidity going down. it's only 38%. we're in the upper 50s north and west. 59 in glassboro. 54 in atlantic city. with the northwest winds the just as warm as the shore as it is inland. look at the wind. it's straight out of the west. that's the drier direction. you can see these wind gusts up to 38 miles an hour in dover.
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32 in redding. 39 miles an hour wind gust at mount pocono. that's pretty windy. we'll see those gusts during the afternoon as well. how about the amounts of rain. just about everybody except toward the shore and extreme southern delaware had about an inch or more of rain. this area in yellow northern delaware and in through parts of philadelphia area had the most. this orange area getting closer to 3" of rain. 1 to 2" in and around philadelphia and so there was some localized flooding last night. those clouds have moved out. we have a lot of sunshine that will be around during the rest of the afternoon. look how cold this air mass is. it's snowing up across the great lakes. this is the disturbance that will be affecting us. there's tonight.
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we're dry and tomorrow morning there could be a shower or two, very, very light or slight chance. it's tomorrow afternoon that we see the shower and maybe even the thunderstorm going through. it should be relatively brief. it's generally one shot and not an extended period of rain. for the rest of the day we expect a fair amount of sunshine and also a fair amount of wind. 10 to 20 gusting to 35 miles an hour as temperatures hold in the mid to upper 60s right around average for this time of year. tomorrow, round average for the temperatures too with showers maybe a thunderstorm and then it gets colder and it stays kind of chilly. thursday and friday windy days as well. look at the lows in the 30s. even into saturday morning and things get milder by early next week. thanks. there's new medical recommendations every woman should hear about.
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at what age should row get mammogram and how often do you need to get one? hear what government experts are saying now. research may clear the way for young people who still may want to play sports with heart conditions.
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happening now, prosecutors are presenting their opening statements in the penalty phase. there's two possible outcomes.
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life without parole or the death penalty. this happens one day after the marathon. >> reporter: boston repairs for the trial's second phase with no overwhelming call for capital punishment. the parents of 8-year-old martin richard are pushing for a life sentence with no right of appeal saying now is the time to turn the page, end the anguish. a similar call from jessica, newlyweds who both lost legs. they say we must overcome the impulse for vengeance. she said the death sentence wouldn't fix anything. >> it doesn't affect me and it's not going to affect my life at all because i'm never going to get my leg back. >> reporter: karen permanently injured says he does not deserve to live even in prison. >> he was grown enough intelligent enough to make the decision knowing what was going to happen to people.
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>> reporter: defense argues would argue he was 19 at the time dominated by an elder brother. when police arrested him they found he had written a message in the boat in watertown where he hid saying his older brother achieved paradise. it's questioned whether jurors should give him the same outcome. >> it would be supremely ironic if a jury here in boston would do what he was not willing or not able to do that night in watertown and that is to make himself a martyr. >> that was pete williams reporting now. unlike a regular trial there can be no hung jury. the sentence is automatically life in prison if they cannot reach an agreement. new recommendations for women now. a government task force is saying women should get routine mammograms every two years once
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they turn 50. officials say it could lead to 600 false alarms for every 1,000 women. got to weigh the risks there. new research explores the risk of sports for kids with heart rhythm disorder. current recommendations only advise six safe sports for kids with this syndrome. children who participate in other sports under doctor supervision had no restrictions or death. ice cream lovers listen up. there's a nationwide recall you need know about. one company is pulling all of its products. see what their ceo is saying. that's ahead. a prank played on the president. we'll show you what one student
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athlete did behind the president's back.
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checking out our top stories right now. electrical crews and contractors are trying to restore several services. they lost power after an underground explosion. it could be two days before power is restored. fire officials are investigating if a possible lightning strike cause add small fire. the kids were evacuated and moved the a nearby church. the damage was contained to the outside of one building. vice president joe biden is in philly today.
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biden's visit comes as the obama administration gets ready to kick off earth day activities across the country. live look at center city where the rain is gone. there is more wet weather on the way later in the week. >> some of that rain comes in during the day. phillys will have no problems getting the games in but it will be windy for the next several days. some places had close to 3" of
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rain. upper 50s to the low 60s right now. the temperature this afternoon not going up a whole lot. it's going to stay windy. gusts over 30 miles an hour but it will be dry. that will not be the case tomorrow, at least across parts of the area. the timing on that with the rest of the seven-day forecast in just a few minutes. in tennessee road crews are still working to clear debris from a rock slide over the weekend. giant bolders fell down the side of the mountain. this is in polk county. closed part of a busy highway. the rock was loosened by freezing and melting moisture during the winter months. no one was hurt.
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in south florida a large brush fire has been burning for three days now. the fire has scorched more than 1,000 acres since it broke out on sunday. some roads have been closed. the wind is the biggest as the fire moved south. the cause under investigation. a major recall for blue bell. the company is pulling all of its products from retail stores after concern about possible listeria contamination. >> reporter: the blue bell creamry recall includes ice cream, frozen yogurt and snacks distributing in 23 states and international locations. monday's decision was prompted by a test that revealed the chocolate chip cookie doe laugh gallon produced on march 17 and 27th contained listeria.
11:34 am
plants in texas and oklahoma were the source. blue bell's chef executive apologized in a message posted on the company's website. >> we're heartbroken and apologize to our customers. >> reporter: about 1600 cases of listera happen every year. symptoms include headaches, nausea, fever, abdominal pain and diarrhea. it generally only causes short lived symptoms in healthy people but can be serious in young children elderly or anyone with weakened immune system. blue bell is still trying to track down the source. >> we're committed to fixing the
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problem. >> if you or any family members have consumed blue bell get to the hospital for a check up. a rash of fires in bucks company has members on edge. someone set fire to the church. firefighters found a cross burning on the front lawn as well. the vandals also smashed out a bathroom window and then started a fire there. >> they brought tools with them to break the window. they had to bring tools. it seems premeditated. >> the fire marshal is asking for the public's help. if anyone saw anything or know who is behind the crime they are urged to call police. more controversy in colwyn. >> the delaware county district attorney. you're nuts. you are nuts.
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>> thank you. >> there were two big issues that boiled over at yesterday's meeting. first the council need three people to sign checks to pay bills. former council president said the d.a. told him he cannot be one of them and also former manager paula brown showed up and accused some council members of shredding documents. >> shredded friday. shredding all week. we were able to retrieve that amount. >> absolutely not. >> brown said she plans to take the bags to the d.a.'s office today. meantime the council has asked the state to supply them with a temporary manager to help out with the finances there. the foundation that owns alfred dupont hospital for children is suing united health. it's seeking more than $15 million in damages. united ended its agreement last
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year. they haven't been paid in full. tax scam warning for anyone living in chester county. several residents in east pikeland say they received letters from the state income tax department, the irs. it claims tax returns can't be processed until more information is provided but the people targeted hasn't filed. police think the culprit gathered social security numbers and filed returns without their knowledge. according to a report released by rutgers, philadelphia is the most underfunded district in the country. he said he's optimistic about getting more financial help from the state. senator bob casey is calling
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for action after reports showing delays in mismanagement at the philadelphia veteran affairs regional office. the report found a pattern of data manipulation. weight times for claims related issues and dragging on for more than 300 days as well as a pattern of behavior that left vets without the services they need. >> the philadelphia v.a. needs a reminder about for whom they work. they work for veterans. they work for their families and for taxpayers. >> the house veterans affairs committee is holding hearing to focus on the philadelphia office. new jersey governor chris christie approval ratings are at an all time low in a new poll. some of the drop appears to be due to the jersey jam bridge scandal. more than half of voters believe he was aware of what has happening. close to 60% say he didn't order
11:39 am
the lane closures. 29% say he should be removed if-involved. the same percentage of voters think an apology is good enough. the governor was cleared of my rong doing. the new owner of revery welll is allowed to cancel policies. he is negotiate with the renters or find new tenets. they closed its doors in september. the philadelphia historical commission will soon hold a hearing on the fight to save the catholic church in fish town.
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the commission has accepted its nomination to decide if the church should be declared a historic building. while posing for a picture with the buck eyes defensive tackle michael benefit decided to give president obama bunny ears. he tweeted did the bunny ears show up on tv or was it too late. they were being honored after winning the first ever college football playoff national championship. you know his mother is not happy with him. there will be fewer turkeys on store shelves this year. see why one food maker says there will be a shortage. is it too soon know if it will affect your thanksgiving. those details still ahead. you'll need a jacket in next few days. cooler temperatures are
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returning. see how allow it's going to go ahead in my seven-day forecast.
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a cattle roundup on a ohio highway. some were kidlled and others managed to escape. the interstate was closed until the cows were rounded up.
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the company hormel says there won't be as in turkeys on store shelves. farmers have been forced to kill more than two million turkeys since march. the company can't say whether prices or the thanksgiving season will be basiced. the ink is barely dry on tim tebow's contract and fans can get their hands on his jersey. the nbc 10 digital team found this jersey on the online team store. you can own tim tebow's number 11 for just $99.95. with all of the team move eagles fans hope this is their year.
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>> i believe we'll be winning the superthis year. >> the tebow's help? >> yes, for sure. >> you think they should have a ton? >> yes. >> you'll buy one? >> of course. >> sounds like he was coached on that a bit. >> a manager said they will receive a shipment of tebow jerseys and will reevaluate their stock if he's not cut before the regular season. hear in the coach on our post draft special. the eagles blue print airs sunday may 3rd.
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wolf grew up in montgomeriville and describes herself as a musical renegade. all right. changing directions here. cystic fibrosis take a toll on the immune system. they have to have lengthy hospital stays at times. the take a breather foundation is based in havorford. joining us is andy mcbryan and brianna mcculla. i love your glasses. i want to talk a bit about take a breather. that has a double meaning.
11:47 am
>> it was started a couple of years ago after we as family a small group of people started the run and this year is our 20th anniversary. we started the take a breather foundation to be an umbrella so different events we can create fill up to get the take a breather foundation's mission which is to fulfill wishes for children with cystic fibrosis. >> what are some of the challenges they face? >> it's daily grinds. it's medications. it's all different types of breathing problems and, i think that sometimes when the children get sick they have to be separated and there's cross contamination issue. >> the foundation is really sort of there to help out and i understand that the foundation granted one of your wishes. could you tell under the circumstances about that?
11:48 am
>> they granted my wish to go to hawaii. >> wow. i like how you dream. that's terrific. tell me about the trip. >> we got to hawaii and we got to do everything. we got to snorkle. we went surfing. we got to travel to the dough factory in hawaii. it was great. >> what a wonderful trip. to make things like this happen i know there's a big event coming up. >> this is our 20th anniversary. this saturday hopefully we'll get great weather. >> what we do is probably about 700 runners. it's 9:00 a.m. on saturday. we're always looking for volunteers. it's a huge event. we probably have anywhere from 12 to 1500 people there to raise a lot of money for kids like
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brianna. >> it's this saturday. it takes place at narberth park. you can go to our mobile app for more information. it looks like the weather will be pretty good for saturday for that walk and a lot of other activities going on outside during that day. nice comfortable, not too warm. not too cold. drying winds today. we were plenty wet yesterday especially last night and earlier in the morning. showers coming in returning during the day tomorrow. maybe a thunderstorm and we got a chilly and windy stretch of weather ahead. it looks like every day for the rest of this week will be pretty windy. you can see a lot of blue in the
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sky and a lot of fair weather clouds. that's about it. 62 degrees. the winds 20 miles an hour gusting to 32 miles an hour. that is typical of what we'll be seeing this afternoon. the rain from yesterday and last night helped knock the pollen down a little bit. today and tomorrow it's on the moderate side. by thursday and friday it's going to be very high and the wind will be kicking that around. that's going to be a real problem for a lot of people. you can see 49 and the 50s to the north and west. mount hollie 60 degrees. 64 at atlantic city international. everybody is pretty windy. the wind direction is coming from the west bringing in drier and cooler air.
11:51 am
gusting up to 38 miles an hour in dover and over 30 miles an hour in philly international, redding and the poconos. there's a little orange there. that's about 3" of rain in delaware and 1.5" in parts of mercer county. you got dry air on top of us now. once in a while a couple little clouds. no threat for precipitation. it's cold enough for snow across the great lakes. this is the next little disturbance that's going to be affecting us as we go through the day tomorrow. these showers today look like they'll go up to the north and then we get one chance of showers tomorrow morning. that's a slight chance.
11:52 am
for the rest of the day, we're seeing a lot of sunshine. temperature holding in the 60s. the gusts up to 35 miles an hour. tonight we're down into the 40s in much of the area. showers, maybe a thunderstorm tomorrow afternoon. then the cool air comes in and stays with us for thursday friday, saturday. highs only in the 50s. lows in the 30s before we start warming up sunday and monday. we'll be right back.
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then it's nbc 10 news at 4. crews saved a young woman's car from flooding. the price to have nbc 10 asking the tow company for answers. now to an update on our top story. could be two days before power is restored for businesses near the side of an underground explosion in delaware county. electrical crews and contractors are trying to restore services to those businesses.
11:56 am
residents tell us they heard a loud boom before smelling smoke. no one was seriously injured. crews are working to determine what caused the explosion. kind of chilly out there but nice, no rain. >> it's going to be colder as we go toward the end of the week. thursday and friday will be pretty chilly. today, the wind is what's making it feel cooler. high above 66 which is right around average for this time of year. the wind has been gusting over 30 miles an hour. we'll have windy conditions for wednesday, thursday and friday. tomorrow is the day where we expect some showers, maybe some thunderstorms but that looks like a one shot thing and not hour after hour of rain and causing flooding issues. that's just going to be a front that comes through and behind it is when we'll see the colder air. temperatures down into the 30s thursday, friday and saturday. >> hard to believe we had 80s on saturday when you look at those lows. >> that's a long way away.
11:57 am
we're not going to get close to that for a long time. >> we'll see you back here today at 4:00. have a good afternoon. #
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